constant god in a sea1 Corinthians2 SamuelGenesis, Sermon, Dependentaiming to pleaseanticipating the final daybe bold and courageousblessings in disguiseborn in bethlehemboth of these are truecalled, loved, preservedcommunity through god's wordconflict in resolutiondescendant of daviddrawn to christentrusting ourselves to Godequal value in god's kingdometernal life with godevery generationexample to imitatefairness of godfinding out what worksfor all who callgenesisgetting our sea legsgetting your world turnedgod changes peoplegod graciously reminds usgod moves his mission forwardgod moves in uncertain timesgod protectsgod's works of providencegoverned by principlegrace is not a loopholeguest speakerhearing and believinghebrewshonesty without arrogancehope for a humble leaderhope for something permanenthope that overcomes evilhow can a person be made cleanhow god calms our fearshow god plants a churchin every agejoeljohnjudelamentationslife-giving communitylord's daymicahmiscellaneousmotivationno power of hell no scheme ofone godone god, one covenantone peopleonly by god's graceonly god can make us seepeople need shepherdsphilippianspower according to god'sproclaiming the unknownpromiseprone to wanderreceiving your kingreliable witnessremaining in the covenantromanssaying what must be saidseeing what god seessermonshifting the blameson of adamspotting a counterfeit sure to returnthe good shepherdthe only means of accessthe truth of god's gracethe whole gospel picturethe zeal of the righteous onethings that cannot be shakentitustotal destructiontotal redemptiontrust in jesustwo covenantswalking by faithway to freedomwe will be changedwhat he's doingwho god iswithstand in the evil dayyou beliefs matter