Letter from the Pastor

Thanks for taking a look at our website and learning more about our church! Since our first gathering in late 2016, God has done amazing things for us, bringing us together and forming what Jesus intended the local church to be: a life-giving community. If you haven’t visited yet, I hope you will soon. If you have, I hope that you will come back again. Usually it takes more than one Sunday to get a sense of what God is doing at GS and the benefits that we receive from our worship and fellowship each week.

People visit churches for many different reasons. Maybe you are not looking for a church service experience. But like me and everyone else, you are searching for answers to life’s difficult questions. I was glad to learn that Jesus established the local community of believers to explore the Scriptures for answers and encourage each other along the way.

Maybe you are looking for a church service experience. The Scriptures teach that Sunday worship together is essential to the life-giving community of the local church, but I was surprised to learn that worship is about God and not about people. The people need it and benefit from it, but God is the focus. So that’s how we approach it, not as a show or a performance put on by us, but as a group of people gathering to learn about God and celebrate what He has done for us through Jesus.

Or maybe you are looking for more than just a church service experience. I was encouraged to learn that Jesus established more for His followers than a religious service to attend. He intended the local church to be a family of people who care for each other, listen to each other, and know each other well. And so the people of Good Shepherd gather to do those things at other times and in other settings throughout the week.

Thanks again for looking into GS. God bless you!

Stacey Severance